Why are magnetic coins so amazing?  
  "Magnetic coins" are great fun for both children and adults.

  • Do you want to learn more about coins or magnets?
  • Do you want to do things with magnets that top scientists and engineers find difficult to explain?
  • Or do you enjoy playing with things and creating things that neither you, nor your friends or family have ever seen before?
  • Or, do you enjoy art and design?
  • Or, do you like challenges and competitions, or just want to relax?
If so these pages are for you.

Can you make coins levitate or roll along a wire as if by magic? Can you spin coins at over 1000 revolutions per minute, or make a coin move away from a magnet rather than being attracted towards it.

  • If you have read the small book about magnetic coins called “Investigating Magnetism” you will know how these amazing things can be done. These pages will tell you even more.
  • If you have not read “Investigating Magnetism” it does not matter. Much of what is included in the book will be written again here.

To enjoy “MagneticCoins.info”, the only thing needed is the ability to think and ask questions such as:

  • "I wonder how that was done?"
  • “I wonder why that is?”
  • “I wonder why that happened?"
  • "I wonder what will happen if I do this?"
  • "I wonder what will happen if I change that?
For those interested in building models and have access to tools and materials, the opportunities for creating artistic and interactive science displays are endless.         TOP