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2011 magnetic UK 5p,10p coins,Hester´s Rose
Yes! - the 5p and 10p coins dated 2011 are magnetic.They can be picked up by a magnet.
Notice how they can pack together to form a hexagonal coin rose, a new variety of "Hester´s Rose"

HAPPY NEW YEAR! In January 2012, nickel plated steel 5p and 10 p coins began to be released into general circulation in the UK, for the first time. The coins are dated 2011. Like the copper plated steel 1p and 2p coins, dating from 1992, they are magnetic.

Investigating magnetism and magnetic effects will become even more enjoyable. The milled edges of the coins provides greater adhesion, and extends even further, the creative possibilities as the coins are hung, stacked, spun, rolled and levitated.

With four magnetic coins of different diameters and of two different colours becoming readily available at little cost, opportunities for experimenting in the rapidly growing areas of scientific interest, “force fields” and “packing", will also be enhanced. Examples follow.

© María Victoria Canullo
Robin Linhope Willson
Ciencias y Artes Patagonia - Magic Penny Trust, 2012