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 Levitating UK Magnetic Coin Sculpture
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Total levitation of a sculpture, made of UK 5p and 10p magnetic nickel-plated steel coins dated 2011, and reminiscent of Antony Gormley´s Angel of the North.
No tricks, just science and engineering.

The rotating array of coins is held in place solely by the magnetic field created by the two Magic Penny magnets (silver) attached to a large very strong neodymium disc magnet (black) and an electronically controlled electromagnetic levitation system designed by Nabeel Shirazee - see www.MagneticCoins.info and www.magicpenny.org.
The sculpture and Magic Penny magnets were designed by Robin Willson of Ciencias y Artes Patagonia (www.capat.org) and Brunel University UK.

In January 2012 , new nickel-plated 5p and 10p coins came into circulation, joining the copper-plated steel 1p and 2p coins in circulation since 1992.

This is only one of many balancing and levitating demonstrations under the title "Balancing the forces of Nature" designed by the Magic Penny Trust and Ciencias y Artes Patagonia for simple enjoyment and, hopefully, to stimulate interest in magnetic fields and force fields generally.

Related images including coins balanced on a glass, on an egg and even on a strand of spider silk, can be found on the:
  www.MagneticCoins.info   and   www.capat.org websites.

More photographs with the new coins will follow soon.  

© María Victoria Canullo
Robin Linhope Willson
Ciencias y Artes Patagonia - Magic Penny Trust, 2012